[Spridgets] Bloody computers

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 22:54:49 MDT 2008

On 6/2/08, Jim Hammack <hammack at gotslack.org> wrote:
>    But Linux runs great on older (cheap) hardware that can't keep up with
>    Vista  or  XP.   I'm  sending  this  from  a  333  MHz Pentium running
>    Slackware.   (I'm  so old, I learned Unix before Windows even existed,
>    so no steep learning curve for me.)
>    Windoze is good for your mom to keep her recipes, but Larry is right -
>    Linux or a Mac if you're doing something serious.

Well, it depends what you call serious...  I run numerical models of the
atmosphere using 4D spatial analysis and 4D integration of the dynamic data
sets through the equations of motion, continuity and state. These models
ingest about 4 gigs of initialization data and take about 5 hours to run on
my older PC. For this kind of "serious" application, you can forget the Mac.
Even OSX is not up to this kind of intense number crunching. We've only
recently (past 8 years) been able to do this type of computation on any kind
of a desktop machine and it requires Linux or Sun Sparc Solaris.  I ran it
under RedHat for about 4 years and then changed to Fedora. I really need to
go to Synchronous Multi-Processor set up to shorten the computation time.
Fortunately the more recent itterations of Fedora support SMP. I'm also old
enough to have used Slackware back in the olden days!!  I ran it on an old
IBM with an 8088 cpu and 640K RAM on the mother board!  How times change!


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