[Spridgets] Bloody computers

Dean Hedin dlh2001 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 23:40:23 MDT 2008

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> On 6/2/08, Jim Hammack <hammack at gotslack.org> wrote:
> I really need to
> go to Synchronous Multi-Processor set up to shorten the computation time.
> Fortunately the more recent itterations of Fedora support SMP.

I think you mean Symmetric  Multiprocessing

> I'm also old
> enough to have used Slackware back in the olden days!!  I ran it on an old
> IBM with an 8088 cpu and 640K RAM on the mother board!  How times change!

You were running an 8088 in 1993?  Most of us were on 286/386 machines 
around that time.
1993 was when the first Slackware version came out.  I could be wrong but I 
think you needed at least a 386 to run it.

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