[Spridgets] Bloody computers (NO LBC CONTENT)

Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Sun Jun 1 09:28:26 MDT 2008

Hello B-,

      While i'm no expert at this it SOUNDS like you had a trojan that
      had set up your computer to be a "zombie". The problem only went
      away when you replaced the old one......

      i don't know how paranoid you are about using,


      but... ..

      you should know that OUTLOOK and EXPLORER are integrated. What
      either of them knows, BOTH know, so if you have left open any
      entryway into your system, you have allowed access to your WHOLE
      system... to avoid this kind of problem, I use Firefox but NOT
      Thunderbird, as they are integrated.. i won't use OUTLOOK at
      all. It is a part of the system. .. i use .. THE BAT as my email
      program.. its nonstandard so not vulnerable to the kind of
      outside attack that mainstream programs are. .. Its also more
      powerful if you need that, easy to use, easy to set up,
      PLUS..i run multiple e-mail accounts... my regular, a gmail, a
      secondary, i think 5 altogether, and this program checks them
      all at once, ONE program to open to see everything. .. and when
      i send email out, it gets sent thru the proper account!..


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