[Spridgets] Bloody computers

B- Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 1 07:56:13 MDT 2008

For the last couple of months, I have felt as if I had been kidnapped by
aliens from a distant galaxy, or fell off the edge of the earth with that
fool Columbus.   For that long, I have been without a computer, access to
e-mail or the Internet, or even to my own e-mail address book or telephone
numbers and addresses of relatives and friends.   Now that I have "returned"
to the real world, I have discovered about 5,000 e-mail messages that have
come in over the past few years, but which I have never seen!!!!  (I can
only guess how many that I sent were never received.)


My first computer problems started well over a year ago, how long ago, I am
not sure.  People were not receiving e-mail that I sent, and I was not
receiving e-mail they assured me they had sent.  Compounding the problem was
the fact that I was receiving e-mail misdirected to me from people I had
never heard of.   Worse, some friends were receiving "mischievous" e-mail
supposedly from me, but which I never sent.   Things continued to worsen,
and about a year ago I switched browsers and e-mail from old reliable
Netscape to Earthlink.   The problems continued.


Then there was the problem of disappearing non-Internet documents.
Documents that I knew I had saved, were not to be found (some I could
located by searching the "hidden" files.)


Finally, over a month ago, it was time to turn to the professionals, and
into the shopS it went.   But even they (four different ones) were stumped
by some of the issues.   At first, the problem revolved around finding ALL
of the "hidden" files that I did not want to lose.  No one, it seemed to
find a complete solution.   Finally, everyone agreed that I needed a new
computer.   So, I reluctantly dumped the American-made eMachine and bought a
top HP, although it was made in China!


In transferring everything over to the new HP, more problems were
encountered.   Moving the ALL the historic e-mail over was a major
roadblock.   Over the years, I have received mail through two browsers,
Netscape and Earthlink, and putting the on MS Outlook Express.   It took a
long time, but eventually a method was found and the job completed.


When the HP was returned to me, I was stunned by all of the e-mail that had
turned up.  Further, I had far more files to sort out now that many of the
"hidden" ones were appearing on my desktop.   How many years will it take me
to get it all sorted out?


What was the cause of it all?   A virus?  Spyware?  Who knows?   I know that
many can think of possible causes and repairs that might have been made.
But believe me, I have had pros looking at it, and even they were mystified.
My son-in-law is firmly convinced that there are some very real issues
related to "Faraday's Law" (whatever that is) in our house.   We have long
had trouble with electronics in parts of the house.


Buster Evans

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