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Michael Rowe mdrowe at optonline.net
Thu Apr 17 20:21:25 MDT 2008

>This may be one of those times when spending a few bucks for a pro's 
>service is the cheapest and best route in the long run.

This is undoubtedly true, but all I will learn as a result is that Spridgets 
are expensive.  I already learned that.  Meanwhile, I am trying to figure 
out how this machine works.  I am not a mechanic, and have not worked on any 
car since 1970.  I am trying to learn by taking things apart and looking at 
them (with the help of a *very* experienced tutor).  It's an expensive way, 
I agree, but education never was cheap.

Once this car is on the road, I will be building an engine and 5-speed 
transmission (that will take a lot more learning!).  So it is not really 
necessary that any particular part of the engine be "best" for my car.  I 
will do that on a tricked-out engine with a lot of new parts.  The goal 
right now is to get it on the road before the snow comes.

The entire front end will be redone by tomorrow evening.  Then we move to 
the back, where the brakes have been deactivated with a plug in the brake 
line.   I can't guess why this seemed to be the best solution to anything, 
except it was cheap.  It is clear from the condition of the under side of 
the car that the DPO stopped by running into things, so the brakes really 
didn't matter much, anyway.

Michael Rowe
Long Island, NY

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