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Thu Apr 17 22:06:34 MDT 2008

<<This is undoubtedly true, but all I will learn as a result is that Spridgets 
are expensive. >>

Mike, that is only SOMEWHAT true.

In your current case, Jeff would return the parts for 2 UN-re-built AND the  PROPERLY re-built unit that WILL make the motor run CORRECTLY.

You "education" may STILL move forward in that you have a REAL, WORKING dizzy to COMPARE to the parts ones.  See if you can actually 
re-build one of the parts one to close to the newly RE-BUILT one!!!

Then AFTER you have a properly RUNNING motor, PULL Jeff's Unit and install the one YOU re-built.  Various tests will SHOW you the differences.

'Course I have only been doing this sort of thing a tad over 4 decades so I must not know of what I type.

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