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Rand-McNally/McSchmalley......All R-M and AAA will show you (in any
detail) are Interstates and main roads.  If you want good, and complete
back road mapping information, get yourself a DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer
for whichever states you'll be traveling through.
Each page is a VERY detailed map of a section of the state
(Pennsylvania, for example, is broken down into 70 pages/maps), giving
you route numbers/road names of township, and county roads, as well as
state roads.  Great way for plotting a course that will allow you to not
only avoid the Interstate Highway System, entirely, but for bypassing
congested areas/cities & major towns.
I never leave home without one, anymore.
Bud Osbourne


I've got to go along with Bud on the DeLorme Atlas.  I have one at home, one 
in my office and one in my car.  It's great.

Another tool I really like is Microsoft Streets and Trips.  It is a computer 
program that works like Google and others, but it also has a GPS and can 
give oral directions on the fly.  Plus, it will take you all the way down to 
the city street level, whereas the atlas will only get you to the city.

Obviously, you need to have your laptop (or Pocket PC) with you to take 
advantage of the GPS function.  With the laptop set-up, you can also get an 
instant re-route if you run into a detour or traffic jam.  That has saved me 
a lot of time and trouble several times.

Larry Daniels

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