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Rand-McNally/McSchmalley......All R-M and AAA will show you (in any
detail) are Interstates and main roads.  If you want good, and complete
back road mapping information, get yourself a DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer
for whichever states you'll be traveling through.
Each page is a VERY detailed map of a section of the state
(Pennsylvania, for example, is broken down into 70 pages/maps), giving
you route numbers/road names of township, and county roads, as well as
state roads.  Great way for plotting a course that will allow you to not
only avoid the Interstate Highway System, entirely, but for bypassing
congested areas/cities & major towns.
I never leave home without one, anymore.
Bud Osbourne

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Kate is absolutely right, Bill.  I quit using those damned things many
ago for exactly that reason. When I travel, be it car or motorcycle, I
use the "I" roads if I am in a huge hurry (which is usually never now
that I
am retired!!).  Lots of times, I don't even take a Rand McNally with me!
pick up a state road map when I stop for gas and look for roads that go
through some interesting towns, state forests, parks, mountains, along
rivers...etc. Anything to have some great scenery. Sometimes I don't
take a map. I just ask somebody along the road for a good way to go....
It's the journey... not the destination....

Of course, if you have time constraints......    Still...   No need to
through Denver.   Go I-80 and I-29 to Kansas City. From there you'll
find a
number of somewhat more scenic routes to Osage Beach.


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