[Spridgets] NW Caravan

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Thu Apr 3 04:58:39 MST 2008

> Kate is absolutely right, Bill.  I quit using those damned things many 
> years
> ago for exactly that reason.

For myself, I just use Google Maps. Sure, it tends to make you you the I 
word, too, but once it has tipped its hand, you can drag the route to any 
spot you like and it will re-calculate. Or, you can tell it the endpoints of 
the first leg and add waypoints from there. Yes, by the time you have a 
3200-mile route in there with most of it tweaked, it DOES get a little slow, 
but it DOES know about virtually every road out there, it can show you 
vector maps or satellite views, it will let you save your route, and it 
doesn't argue with you too much. Computerized mapping has come a LONG way in 
the last 10 years! Computerized routing has come even further.
David Lieb 

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