[Spridgets] Emergency brake on 1/2 elliptic cars

Chris King cbking at alum.rpi.edu
Wed Nov 28 17:58:40 MST 2007

Early 1500's are like the early cars with the rods. Late 1500's ('78 and
'79) did away with the rods and just used a cable. I think that change
may have coincided with the introduction of the 3.7 diff...

Chris King

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Hal Faulkner wrote: 
> Spridgeteers, 
> Can anyone tell me if the emergency brake thingy that attaches to the
> axle housing is the same on later cars as it is on early ones? Or was
> attached to the axle housing differently? 

Bugeyes up to 74 are the same. 1500s are different. 
But the holes in the Bugeye pivot might be larger than disc brake cars 
because the rods changed size (got smaller) with the later baking plates
(disc brake cars) but it's just a drill and larger clevis pin. 
1/4 vs 5/16. 
I know I used a later one on my 58 because the 58 was swept away with 
the rest of the rust. Maybe the holes are the same too. I forget my name
these days ;) 

Frank Clarici 
Toms River, NJ 


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