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Guy Weller guy.weller at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Nov 29 02:01:23 MST 2007

I forget, but how is your crankcase ventilation
system set up?
Poor crankcase extraction is the single biggest
cause of rear crank oil leaks.


Subject: [Spridgets] LBC content

Here is where I am at present.

Have had engine out three times but still leaks
like a seive.

Been doing a bit of research. This is quoted from
the orginal shop manual and
I did not do it.

"The rear main bearing cap horizonal joint
surfaces should be thourghly
cleaned and lightly covered with a sealing
compound before the cap is fitted
to the cylinder block. This ensures a perfect oil
seal when the cap is bolted
down to the block"

With the amount of oil that is comming out I must
have a major leak point
misfit. I can pull that rear bearing cap with the
pan down and clean and

Think I will try that, otherwise, shrug I don't
think I have a clue yet. At
least this work I can do laying down on the job.

Weather permiting I will try this in the morning.

What say you guys, a leak of the magnatude I have
must/could mean a real bad
bearing cap mismatch somehow.

Oh forgot: Page A.22 section A.30 To Install(5).

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