[Spridgets] Leaky oil pressure hose

derf derf247 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 20:18:11 MST 2007

Clear plastic tubing can probably go 100 PSI.
Can you solder?  If so just get something brass and solder it on the
ends of the metal tubing and use some 1/4 hose.

Or, you can coil up a few turns of copper tubing for a temporary fix.

I'll be home tomorrow night if you need any extreme engineering
(rigging?) done.

I was in Maurice last Sunday shooting Sporting Clays.  I though about
dropping by so my friend could see your Bugeye.  He has a nice 66

I think your engine is sound so if you REALLY must drive it you could
just plug the oil pressure line or cap the outlet and drive it
temporarily.  I guess what I'm really getting at is if you rig
something up and it fails while your are out, a plug or crimp of some
kind can get you home.


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