[Spridgets] Leaky oil pressure hose

derf derf247 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 20:57:46 MST 2007

I just checked and I have a few broken oil gauges and one 2" long
piece of tubing with the fitting that goes on the gauge end.  I think
it is the same as the fitting that goes on the motor end.  I am not
sure about how the Bugeye is set up, though.  I am going on my RWA
Midget experience.
Have you tried Home Defect?  They might have 1/8 compression fittings
that can be used.  If not, then some auto parts store should have an
oil pressure gauge installation kit with 10' of tubing and some
compression fittings.  Like this:
Oreilly #9801tubing kit.
According to their website, they have them in stock at the Pinhook store.

On your car it would probably be best to just pinch the end of the
tubing closed for now and get the correct hose and clamps from Peter
C, or Ed, or Paul A.
When the hose comes in just remove the fitting and pinched pipe, slice
off the pinch with a Dremel tool, clean and assemble with the new


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