[Spridgets] Leaky oil pressure hose

James E. Pickard geowiz.sgy at cox.net
Thu Nov 1 20:06:34 MST 2007

I received my nicely rebuilt oil pressure/temperature gauge from Mo-Ma and
installed it in the car, only to find the old rubber hose that connects the
two pieces of metal tubing for the oil pressure is cracked and leaking.  I
need the car operational Saturday morning, so there isn't time to order a new
part.  My previous attempts to find a 1/8" OD hose that can take 80 psi at a
local hardware store and AutoZone were fruitless.  Suggestions?  How much
pressure can clear plastic tubing stand?

Jim Pickard
B9473298 ('65 Tiger)
AN5L/12109 ('59 Sprite)
2003 Mini Cooper
Lafayette, LA

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