[Spridgets] rear oil seals and crankcase ventilation

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Thu Nov 1 12:17:26 MST 2007

There is a U-bent piece of wire inserted in the cannister that keeps the 
"wad" of steel wool from finding its way into the timing chain area.  Seemed 
like paranoid overkill to me.  Once you pull out the wire and the retained 
wad of wool, the stainless steel scrubber pads sold for kitchen use work 
well as replacements.  Likewise, the breather tube atop a Datsun 5-speed 
that fouls on the tranny tunnel can be pried out and a small pellet of this 
same wool can be stuffed into the hole in its place.


>I have an engine out that lived at a machinist's shop for a few years.  I
> picked it up recently ( not done ) and he showed me where he had pulled 
> out
> some steel wool type stuff.  If you want to clean it out, remove that 
> front
> cover and you should be able to clean it out without cutting anything, 
> from
> what I saw.

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