[Spridgets] Early Smog Carbs

Brad Fornal tequila.brad at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 12:10:58 MST 2007

I don't believe the charcoal cannister was added until mid 68, as I
have no holes where the cannister would have mounted, nor is there the
counterpart in the boot.
Thank you,

On 11/1/07, David Lieb <dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com> wrote:
> Brad,
> 1) Ported vacuum would have been on the front carb on a Spridget.
> Barbed pipe pointing horizontally frontwards near the top of the mounting
> flange.
> 2) The overflow was "intended" for fumes, not liquid. If you have a charcoal
> cannister, there would have been a pipe and some hoses to connect these to
> the cannister. Their purpose was to cease venting gasoline fumes to the
> atmosphere. Earlier carbs has a vent hole with an aluminium cover over it to
> keep debris out.
> David Lieb
> 1972 RWA Midget


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