[Spridgets] rear oil seals and crankcase ventilation

Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 1 11:43:28 MST 2007

I have an engine out that lived at a machinist's shop for a few years.  I 
picked it up recently ( not done ) and he showed me where he had pulled out 
some steel wool type stuff.  If you want to clean it out, remove that front 
cover and you should be able to clean it out without cutting anything, from 
what I saw.

>From: Frank Edwards <logical2 at hotmail.com>
>To All;
>Thanks much on the rear seal info.  The discussion brings up another 
>Any thoughts on proper crankcase ventilation?
>I had wanted to put some sort of a newer PCV valve on my 1275.
>What one could be used?  I read something about how the cannister on the 
>of the timing cover is probably blocked up.  Can this be removed and an 
>welded in its place?  One option was to cut the cannister in half, gut it, 
>weld it back together.  I think I'd rather just cut it off and go with the
>Thanks for all your help.
>Frank R. Edwards570-784-4662logical2 at hotmail.com

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