[Mini] #9 MOT fail/advisory

Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 16:35:57 MDT 2017

OK, I have the results of my MOT fail

Failure items

001 Drivers seat insecure [6.2.A.1]
13mm spanner to nip up

002 Windscreen wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively Offside
7yr old wiper blade!

003 Steering column movement between the shaft and steering wheel [2.1.2b]
Quick release boss needs pinching up or a blob of weld

004 Wheel nut(s) loose Nearside Front [4.2.A.1e]
005 Wheel nut(s) loose Offside Front [4.2.A.1e]
006 Wheel nut(s) loose Nearside Rear [4.2.A.1e]
007 Wheel nut(s) loose Offside Rear [4.2.A.1e]
What I forgot to do last night!

008 Tyre fouling a part of the vehicle Nearside Front [4.1.D.2]
Drop front bonnet pins sagged, adjust to get clearance

009 Service brake: efficiency below requirements [3.7.B.7]
left rear brake cylinder doing f**k all

010 Brakes imbalanced across an axle Rear (Axle 2) [3.7.B.5b]
see above

011 Rear brake recording little or no effort Nearside [3.7.B.5a]
see above

B#8.00 for a new cylinder

Handbrake and front brake fine!

Advisory Information

012 (drivers seat only fitted, full harness seat belt fitted)

013 (Roll cage fitted)

014 Nearside Front Upper (door hinge slightly loose)

015 Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases Front (joints) [7.1.2]
Nip up the clamp and some bodge paste

016 Shock absorber has a light misting of oil Nearside Rear [2.7.3]
like 7 years ago

017 Front suspension has slight play in a upper suspension ball joint
Nearside [2.5.B.1a]
018 Front suspension has slight play in a lower suspension ball joint
Nearside [2.5.B.1a]
019 Nearside Front (upper arm knucle joint dust cover loose)
O20 (n/s bump stop rubber missing)
A nights work!


Yeah Haw!

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