[Mgs] Oil viscosity for 3.5 V8 engine

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 01:38:46 MDT 2022

   All good words Max. Thanks. I didn't know about the 15W50 Mobile 1 zinc
   Where I live it never really gets cold, so a constant viscosity oil
would even work. That said, I don't drive my cars enough to worry about
wear. I just play with them. My go-to oil for everything older is Castrol
GTX 20W50.
   I guess I should define 'everything older'. Specifically, I mean my '53
TD, '71 Volvo 1800E, '72 MGB, '73 E-Type (V12), and even my 25-year-old
über-high mileage Nissan D21 pickup. Everything else/newer gets whatever
the Owner's Manual recommends.

Rick, in Houston
PS: Classic Plymouths are awesome.

On Sat, Oct 8, 2022, 2:13 AM Max Heim <mvheim at sonic.net> wrote:

> I am using 15W50 in all my cars at this point: 1966 MGB, 1967 Plymouth
> slant six, 1967 Plymouth 4bbl V8; specifically, Mobil1 15W50 which is
> formulated for flat tappet engines and has 1500ppm zinc. Note that other
> weights of this brand are NOT appropriate for older cars.
> 50 is not too high viscosity for summer use in California (it’s really
> what you want), and 15W indicates that is not too heavy for winter use.
> --
> Max Heim
> '66 MGB
> On Oct 7, 2022, at 8:02 AM, <jimray at hartcom.net> <jimray at hartcom.net>
> wrote:
> I am puzzled about the proper oil viscosity for my Rover 3.5 V8 engine.
> Des Hammill's book *How to Power Tune RV8 Engines *states “Anyone used to
> oil pressures hovering around 70 – 75 psi on an MGB 1800 engine will be
> alarmed to see pressures in the Rover V8 reading 15 – 40 psi. These engines
> are low-pressure engines with normal pressures (hot) at 20 psi idle using a
> 15W 50 oil, and 40 psi over about 3500 rpm.”  Its time for me to change the
> oil in mine and 15W 50 seems a bit high when compared to oil normally used
> in my other US built cars. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions to this?
> Thanks in advance for your input.
> Jim Ray
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