[Mgs] Oil viscosity for 3.5 V8 engine

jimray at hartcom.net jimray at hartcom.net
Fri Oct 7 09:02:23 MDT 2022

I am puzzled about the proper oil viscosity for my Rover 3.5 V8 engine. Des
Hammill's book How to Power Tune RV8 Engines states "Anyone used to oil
pressures hovering around 70 - 75 psi on an MGB 1800 engine will be alarmed
to see pressures in the Rover V8 reading 15 - 40 psi. These engines are
low-pressure engines with normal pressures (hot) at 20 psi idle using a 15W
50 oil, and 40 psi over about 3500 rpm."  Its time for me to change the oil
in mine and 15W 50 seems a bit high when compared to oil normally used in my
other US built cars. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions to this?


Thanks in advance for your input.


Jim Ray

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