[Mgs] 80B, melted white-green wire from ignition switch

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On 5/27/22 11:41 AM, PaulHunt73 wrote:
> Some amendments:
> White/red (not red/white, that is instrument illumination) from the 
> ignition switch is for the starter.  The alternator warning lamp has a 
> white wire from the ignition switch.
> Purple/pink on the ignition switch, not purple, for the 'key in, door 
> open' warning and is at earth/ground when the key is in. Purple is the 
> fused always hot supply from the fusebox to horns, courtesy lights, 
> headlamp flasher etc. but not associated with the ignition switch.
> PaulH.
> On 27/05/2022 16:09, leon at zaks.com wrote:
>> Steve - I fully agree with PaulH. Though the switch may now be 
>> compromised but it's highly unlikely it was the cause. The cause is a 
>> short circuit in the green/white (G/W) wire. Though there is no fuse 
>> indicated in the wiring diagrams for the car there may be one in the 
>> lead from the radio to the bullet connector of the G/W wire. If there 
>> is a fuse and it is not blown then the short is between the fuse and 
>> the ignition switch. The G/W does not go through the firewall.
>> There are some mildly sharp edges in the steering wheel supports that 
>> the wires run near - could be rubbing caused it or more likely 
>> someone working on the radio pulled it a bit much.
>> Also - having had a few ignition switches apart the way it is built 
>> it would be very hard for it to be misaligned. What can happen is 
>> where the shaft from the key mechanism can wear the plastic of the 
>> actual switch and cause it to not connect properly - the "If I wiggle 
>> it it works" or "If I wiggle it it doesn't work" syndrome.
>> I would replace the switch - after you find the problem. Last week I 
>> just purchased an aftermarket switch for my b - BPNorthwest has it 
>> for under $20, part number BHA5292.
>> Here's my comments on what connects to what and why - I'm doing this 
>> to help anyone trouble shooting and ignition switch and also to 
>> reinforce it in my head.
>> Brown (Br) wire is the 12v feed and is always hot.
>> Slate is the anti-run on - power only when the key is off.
>> G/W is accessory and running. The radio is connected to G/W so you 
>> can turn the radio on without the car running.
>> White (W) is to the fuel pump (inertia switch first), overdrive, 
>> ignition system (with ignition relay on later models) and it feeds 
>> the Green wire going to most instruments, turn signals and the like.
>> Red/white (R/W) is the power to the starter relay, seat belt module, 
>> hand brake, alternator warning lamp. On some models this wire doesn't 
>> go directly to the starter relay - it goes to the seat belt module so 
>> you can't start the car without buckling your seat belt :)
>> Purple is the connection to the horn - it works opposite of the other 
>> wires - in the end of the connector coming from under the dash it is 
>> always 12v. The purple wire from the connect on the switch should go 
>> to ground when the horn is pressed.
>> Here's a table of what should connect when on the switch.
>> Position 1 is off, then progressively 2 is accessory, 3 is running, 4 
>> is starting.
>> You can test the switch by disconnecting the plug under the dash - 
>> connect one side of a meter or powered continuity tester to the brown 
>> wire and checking each of the other wires. Where there is an X you 
>> should get a connection. If not, the switch is bad. If you get a 
>> connection on a spot that does not have an X the switch is bad.
>> Position     S  G/W    W     R/W   Br    Purple
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> 1            |  X |        |      |        |    X  |           |
>> 2            |     |   X   |      |        |    X  |           |
>> 3            |     |   X   |  X  |        |    X  |           |
>> 4            |     |        |  X  |   X   |    X  |           |
>> leon ...
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