[Mgs] 1972 MGB convertible

dave northrup dave at ranteer.com
Sat Jan 22 17:34:54 MST 2022

Worked on the car a little today.  discovered that the blinkers do indeed work so that’s good, and makes sense.

We have a battery cutoff switch on this car so I decided to try a few things.  I noticed that the light switch no longer moves at all.  I cannot get the light switch to toggle at all so likely it is fried.  Next step is to bypass the switch and see if we get lights/action if I manually connect the wires.

On 19/01/2022 02:32, dave northrup wrote:

Swapped transmissions, car runs and drives fine, blinkers worked ok this afternoon until on the way home I switched on the lights.

Smoke from under the dash, I think on the passenger side but not positive. Turned the lights off, turned the car off and popped the hood. No smoke in engine compartment.  Back of light switch was hot but did not burn my finger.

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