[Mgs] 1972 MGB convertible

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Sun Jan 23 02:23:33 MST 2022

In that case it sounds like it was an output from the light switch that 
shorted.  Either the blue (headlights) or red/green (parking and 
instrument lights) is probably also damaged, which will indicate (pun 
not intended) where to look next.

Note that if the short caused enough damage inside the switch to open 
the circuit, and disconnect the short, manually reconnecting the wires 
will likely bring it back on again.  With your cut-off switch on tap 
first one then the other of the wires mentioned above onto the brown and 
you should soon see which has the short - if it's still present.


On 23/01/2022 00:34, dave northrup wrote:
>   I noticed that the light switch no longer moves at all.  I cannot 
> get the light switch to toggle at all so likely it is fried.  Next 
> step is to bypass the switch and see if we get lights/action if I 
> manually connect the wires.
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