[Mgs] 1972 MGB convertible

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Wed Jan 19 01:27:56 MST 2022

If it only happened when you turned on the lights, after driving for a 
while, it sounds like the short could be on the lighting circuit.  The 
parking lights at the corners are fused and the flashers but not the 
headlights or the dash lights.

I'd look into that first, the indicator fault could be down to the short 
dropping the voltage.  To protect the wiring from further damage I'd use 
something like an 21w flasher/indicator bulb in series with the supply 
and try the parking lights, panel light switch on and off.  If the test 
bulb lights up brightly the short is present, if dimly then not.  The 
test bulb will need to be in the brown circuit, so you will probably 
have to disconnect them at the solenoid.

But if you drove home with the lights on and no smoke, then the short 
has gone ... until the next time.


On 19/01/2022 02:32, dave northrup wrote:
> Swapped transmissions, car runs and drives fine, blinkers worked ok 
> this afternoon until on the way home I switched on the lights.
> Smoke from under the dash, I think on the passenger side but not 
> positive. Turned the lights off, turned the car off and popped the 
> hood. No smoke in engine compartment.  Back of light switch was hot 
> but did not burn my finger.
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