[Mgs] Coughing, spitting, and dying

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Fri Apr 22 01:32:08 MDT 2022

The initial problem sounds like insufficient enrichment when cold.  
What's the tach doing - steady or jumping around?  Stalling from idle 
could be gross fuel starvation, i.e. the same problem, or could be 
flooding.  Immediately after it has stalled are the plug wet?  Dry?  
Strong fuel smell or what?  In between starting and stalling will it rev up?

Take the fuel line off the carb, direct it into a container, and turn on 
the ignition.  An SU pump including on a factory V8 should deliver a 
minimum of one Imperial pint per minute and in practice double that in a 
continuous series of pulses with minimal bubbling.  I don't know if a 
Facet uses pulses or a steady stream.

On 21/04/2022 19:56, jimray at hartcom.net wrote:
> Have an 80 MGB V8 conversion that has developed a problem I can’t get 
> my hands around. When cold it coughs and sputters when first starting 
> up and when warm will not run at idle without stalling after several 
> minutes. Thinking it might be an electrical issue, I replaced the 
> plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, coil, and battery. It has a 
> PerTronix Ignitor module installed which I did not replace. The 
> battery shows 12.7 volts on my meter. The alternator is producing 14.6 
> volts at ~1500 RPMs and 14.3 under load. Fuel is fed to an Edelbrock 
> 1404 carburetor via a Facet electric pump with new filters in the line 
> at the pump and just before the carburetor. I use 93 octane 
> non-ethanol gas. I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you may have.
> Jim Ray
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