[Mgs] 1973 MGB roadster

dave northrup dave at ranteer.com
Tue Nov 30 18:10:56 MST 2021

Haven't had it too long.  Seemed to be running ok; had transmission problems so we swapped out for a good one.

Just had a very knowledgeable friend set the timing and the carbs and the choke adjustment.

Pull the choke all the way out and it starts ok; but seems to backfire a bit, especially when cold.  After it warms up you can push the choke back in and it runs and idles ok except it seems to have a loss of power in the 3000 + rpm range, and does occasionally still backfire.

Has a Pertronix but other than that seems pretty stock including the air pump.  Tends to run on a bit after you turn it off.
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