[Mgs] 1973 MGB roadster

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Tue Nov 30 23:21:24 MST 2021

The '73 MGB should have JIF carburetors, carbon canister and 
anti-run-on valve (also air pimp and gulp valve).  If ll is in place, 
the ARO valve should prevent run-on when switched off.  With backfire 
and low power at road speed, you may have a vacuum leak of lean fuel 
condition.  Tell us what is not installed exactly as original.  Has 
the throttle valve poppets been soldered shut?  Missing air pump or 
gulp valve?  Missing of disconnected carbon canister or ARO 
valve?  Is distributor vacuum advanve working?

At 08:10 PM 11/30/2021, dave northrup wrote:
>Haven't had it too long.  Seemed to be running ok; had transmission 
>problems so we swapped out for a good one.
>Just had a very knowledgeable friend set the timing and the carbs 
>and the choke adjustment.
>Pull the choke all the way out and it starts ok; but seems to 
>backfire a bit, especially when cold.  After it warms up you can 
>push the choke back in and it runs and idles ok except it seems to 
>have a loss of power in the 3000 + rpm range, and does occasionally 
>still backfire.
>Has a Pertronix but other than that seems pretty stock including the 
>air pump.  Tends to run on a bit after you turn it off.
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