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No matter where electricity comes from it has to be generated, and the equipment doing that is the same for 'renewable' electricity as it is for fossil fuel in that originally raw material has to be dug out of the ground, processed and manufactured, the vast majority of which is done using equipment powered by fossil fuels.  The more sophisticated the generating equipment the more exotic materials are needed which need more raw material to produce the end result, leaving vast spoil heaps and toxic waste.  Volkswagen calculated that from dust to dust, including all recycling, their new all-electric Golf wouldn't show an ecological benefit over their latest fossil fuel version for 17 years.
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  As science tells: any way energy is converted, there is loss of energy.

  So: where does the electricity come from?

  Energy plants running on coal, gas, nuclear fuel etc. Except nuclear energy, there is CO2 produced.

  Wind energy – but when there is no wind, this does not work

  Solar energy – works well in the sunny areas, but not during the night, winter and rainy periods
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