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As science tells: any way energy is converted, there is loss of energy.

So: where does the electricity come from?

Energy plants running on coal, gas, nuclear fuel etc. Except nuclear energy, there is CO2 produced.

Wind energy – but when there is no wind, this does not work

Solar energy – works well in the sunny areas, but not during the night, winter and rainy periods


Then when the energy is produced, it is transformed to high voltages, in order to be transported over the country.

Transformers and transportation take energy loss.

At the end of the high voltage lines, the energy is distributed and before that the high voltages are transformed to lower voltages. Again this takes loss.

Then your car is being charged: another transformer and a rectifying system is used in order to make DC voltage for the batteries.

Inside the car there also are several losses of energy. The batteries seem to produce quite some heat.

And in summertime the airco takes a lot of energy as well.


So at the end looking to a gas powered car, which produces the energy onboard versus electrically powered cars, there is quite some loss of energy.


Of course before gas is being put into the tank, lots of energy is lost as well by transportation and the refinery.


So this summer I made a lot of miles on my racing bike…





Hans going to assemble the repaired fuel pump back into the GT today.



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As long as you don’t claim it’s a zero emission vehicle.  I think its really naïve not to consider that you are just moving the source of the emissions.


I saw an interesting study on the actual emissions of electric vehicles, broken down by geographic region.   And as an extreme, because China uses virtually no emission equipment on their coal burning plants you actually produce a great deal more emissions with an electric vehicle there than gas burning ones.




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That's surprising as there are plenty running around the US still. I'm actually going to be ordering a Tesla Model Y (the small SUV) at the end of the year. Can't wait....


Dan D

'76B, '65B

Central NJ USA




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It is a bit how Tesla started when their car was a Lotus being electric.

A few months ago I read in the news, that such a Tesla finally had been depreciated in our country to zero, as the battery was not possible to be charged…


Cheers, Hans


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I saw this announcement on the MGOC page. What struck me was that it seems to be a case of life imitating art.


I don’t know if any of you ever heard of a book called “ZEV-1”. It was self-published by an author here in northern California, back in the 1990s. He used to sell it at British car meets, which is where I acquired a copy.


The premise of this book is that an inventor/entrepreneur starts a company to build battery electric cars using his proprietary battery technology. And he chooses the MGB as his first model. So the story is about the struggle to build an electric MGB, fighting industry forces, regulators, and unscrupulous rivals.


This announcement really makes me wonder if these people read this book 20 years ago, or stumbled upon it more recently.



Max Heim

mvheim at sonic.net <mailto:mvheim at sonic.net> 




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Interesting!  It almost certainly will not be allowed into the US unless it's built on a vintage body tub, and is therefore a modified "classic" car.


David Breneman david_breneman at yahoo.com <mailto:david_breneman at yahoo.com> 



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In the local press was an announcement, that there will be a new built MGB again.

Fully electric. Comes with a € 90,000 pricetag, where one could buy 8 normal MGB’s.







’71 BGT – repaired the fuel pump today with new points.




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