[Mgs] MGA crankcase ventilation

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Sun Jul 14 02:29:11 MDT 2019

IME you should always hear some hissing when putting compressed air into a cylinder, ring sealing isn't perfect.

Removing one plug at a time may show which cylinder or cylinders are at fault if the pulsing lessens.

Air pulsing out of the rocker cover definitely indicates a major compression leak from somewhere, despite your compression readings.  

Having said that AFAIK an MGA should also have a 'road draught tube' hanging down from the front tappet chest cover, which is another route for air to pass in and out of the crankcase.  Perhaps that is blocked.

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  I have an MGA 1600, under 2,000 miles since the engine rebuild. While working on an unrelated issue, I discovered that the front air filter was thoroughly soaked in oil. The source was the vent hose between the air filter and the valve cover. I found significant (to my lack of experience with this system!) pulsing air blowing through the hose at idle.
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