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With the clamp slackened and pushed up out of the way I push a smallish old blunt flat-blade screwdriver between hose and rad port and it starts trickling out.  With a bit of card guiding that into a bucket I get on with something else while it drains.  The last time I had the rad out I pondered getting a drain plug fitted to it as I happened to have a spare from an old V8 block, but given how infrequently I've needed to do it felt it wasn't worth the effort.  The hardest job is getting the hose fully off and back on, and not much will help with that.

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  Butting in, with my recent experience regarding a MK.I MGB radiator…

  .... And many of them didn’t even have a provision for a drain tap, which to me was a deal killer (since the lower hose is so hard to access, it just seemed that that would add a permanent maintenance nightmare).
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