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Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 12:33:23 MDT 2019

Hello again Friends,

   Several comments to multiple respondents, including me:

I wrote,

> This morning...Timing the TR6 project car's ignition...

   Battery had failed in my meter so I gapped and installed spark plugs

> replacing a pipe in the Testarossa fuel injection, and getting the
> Maserati up on wheel casters.

   Didn't get any of that done.

Sarah wrote,

> You might consider putting felt weather-stripping...on the
header rail...

   Thanks Sarah. I have a nice roll of felt but maybe closed-cell foam
instead? I'm concerned about the felt holding water.

Mark wrote,

> I was thinking that when I made the switch to the new server...
> people might...make the lists more conversational.

   I hope so too Mark, and thank you for this service!

Bob added to the top header thread,

> ...the flap that drops down onto the chrome frame top rail must
> be fitted as low as the cut-outs for wipers permit.

   Yea, that makes good sense. When I trial fitted the wrap, the flap kept
trying to lift away as I pulled the canvas snug. I will follow your lead
and make sure that the flap is low and aligned properly.

Ira admitted (:-P,

> I have two projects...Barn find 67 MGB...and...59 Healey 100-6
> I can trailer it down the the DMV to register.

   Love your projects! Here in Texas, the DMV doesn't even have to see the
car. When I lived up in Oklahoma, the DMV had to visually verify the VIN
but only for cars with out-of-state titles. They did not have to run.

> Need to bleed hydraulic system and I'm working on getting a stuck
> engine water valve to work on 59 Healey 100-6...

   My TR6 has new brakes all around but there is an obstruction in the rear
circuit. Not a drop of brake fluid will flow. Perhaps I pinched a line when
installing the new rear flex hose?

> I teach Full time HS and part time college, plus volunteer...I'm time
> starved. I do retire from my day job end of JUne. That should free
> up a a lot of time.

   LOL! I retired six years ago. Today, I can't imagine how I ever had time
to work!

Max added,

> Oregon lets you register a car on a trailer? California doesn’t, as
> I found out.

   See above.

> I...sorted out the PO’s attempted VIN swap.

   Gulp! Glad that's sorted. I bought my Maserati Biturbo E with a lost
California title...and then a dead PO! It took me over a year to get that
one straightened out! I ended up with a bond title, but the car is mine now
and licensed as such.

   Nice to hear from each of you again. I put new plugs in my XPAG but
probably need to clean the SU jets and needles. I also need to install a
new choke cable. Oh, and another thing...

   When I reupholstered my car's seat back, the springs were rusted beyond
repair, so I used foam; Too much foam. I made the seat back too thick and
without the curved profile. It's comfortable but a bear to get in and out.
I'm going to undo it all, reshape the foam, and reapply the upholstery. An
electric carving knife is the perfect tool for shaping foam.

   That's it from my corner of Houston. Yours?

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