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Oregon lets you register a car on a trailer?

California doesn’t, as I found out. It all turned out for the best, however, as when I came back with the running car, I had sorted out the PO’s attempted VIN swap.

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> I have two projects. Getting my Barn find 67 MGB in a state where I can trailer it down the the DMV to register. Need to bleed hydraulic system and I'm working on getting a stuck engine water valve to work on 59 Healey 100-6, so I can flush my block and install an aluminum Radiator and pusher fan. Also chasing an oil blowby source,  I teach Full time HS and part time college, plus volunteer for a number of organizations. So I'm time starved. I do retire from my day job end of JUne. That should free up a a lot of time.
> Happy motoring and tinkering folks.
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