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> Longest run to shortest is correct, with the handbrake released to
> minimise the cavity in the wheel cylinders.  I've always used an EeziBled -
> at no more than 15psi - to initially fill and bleed both clutch and brake
> systems, but that has always left the brake pedal long and soft.  It pumps
> up with a couple of quick strokes, then after a couple of seconds goes long
> and soft again - i.e. still some air in.  The second step is for someone to
> press down very hard on the pedal, then I rapidly open and close a caliper
> nipple, first one side then the other.  That always blasts more air out and
> after that it is fine.  The front of the car needs to be slightly higher
> than the rear.
> But if just replacing fluid on an otherwise working system then an
> EeziBleed and opening each nipple in turn until the fluid runs clear should
> be all that is needed.
> PaulH.
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> I am new to MGs but not British cars. I have read posts that seem to
> indicate that bleeding the brakes on my 67B is not as straight forwatd as
> say my big Healey. So could someone provide directions of the proceedure? I
> would start with cyl farthest away and work my way to the front.
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