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Barrie Robinson barrob at bell.net
Tue Aug 7 07:00:35 MDT 2018

I used memory foam for my seats and it is really rather good. One can 
get cheap hunks of it if you can find a shop doing mattresses etc. I 
think I paid $10 in total.  I will use it in my other fun car now under 

On 8/6/2018 12:49 PM, Max Heim via Mgs wrote:
> Not unexpected. I bled the brakes without a helper, which IME doesn’t 
> quite do the job. I will probably have to enlist the spouse.
> Yes, these are newly upholstered seats. They are the later style 
> (1972, I think) with headrests and adjustable rake. I had a shop do 
> them with the leather-faced “vintage style” Moss covers and all new 
> foam (the seats came with the carcass but they were in wretched shape, 
> with mouse-tainted foam). I think I will remove the squab and cut it 
> (or have it cut) at an angle, leaving the full depth in the front and 
> removing at least 1-1/2 inches at the back. The ancient beat-down 
> squab in my old car provided a much lower seating position, but also 
> failed to provide any thigh support. Otherwise I might just try 
> swapping it in. I suspect the later seat is broader and deeper, 
> however, and it would leave the cover loose and wrinkled.
> Had a few little issues to deal with afterward.  Apparently I had not 
> fully tightened the fitting to the oil pressure gauge, so I had some 
> mop-up to do behind the dash. Glad I went with rubber floor mats. It 
> would have been vexing to have to replace the carpet after 0.2 miles.
> I also tightened the brake MC junction as I felt a drip on my leg.
> Then I went ahead and installed the headlight trim rings. I had left 
> them off to adjust the headlamp aim, but I really can’t do that on my 
> property — I don't have a level surface aiming at a blank wall. So 
> that will have to wait until it is licensed.
> The only remaining items are the little brightwork triangles at the 
> corners of the rear bumper — I neglected to install them before the 
> bumper, and it doesn’t look like I can access the screws without 
> removing it. This bumper needs replacing, anyway — chrome is seriously 
> spotted and it has a definite twist.
> And the front valance, which the paint shop lost. I need to drive it 
> there to have a new one fitted, then they will paint it and I will 
> have to pick it up later.
> --
> Max Heim
> '66 MGB
>> On Aug 6, 2018, at 12:40 AM, PaulHunt73 <paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com 
>> <mailto:paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com>> wrote:
>> Excellent!
>> Brakes pump up with a couple of quick pushes, but then go long again 
>> after a couple of seconds?  That's air.  On several MGBs I've found 
>> the front brakes always need a high-pressure bleed as well as a 
>> low-pressure fill/bleed after work.  Get someone to press down on the 
>> pedal hard while you rapidly open and close each caliper nipple in 
>> turn.  That has always blasted more air out and after that they have 
>> been fine.
>> New seat cushions?  Way too high and/or firm over here, which is why 
>> I've never replaced mine ... not that there has been anything wrong 
>> with them when I've recovered the seats.
>> PaulH.
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>>> Drove the project car around the block. As far as I dared with no 
>>> plates or paper. Brakes a little soft. I may need to cut down the 
>>> seat cushions, my eye level is at the top edge of the windshield 
>>> header. Don’t see how I could possibly drive with the top on. 
>>> Everything is working, which blows my mind.
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