[Mgs] Clutch slave / hard pipe

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Sun Aug 5 03:44:11 MDT 2018

Are you sure the alignment is correct?  Don't tighten the nut securing the 
hose to the chassis bracket until the pipe nut is started on the hose, to 
allow you to angle the hose correctly.

Have you already attached the hose to the slave?  If so then the thread that 
end must be correct, which means that unless you had a non-standard hose and 
pipe before then the threads at the pipe end ought to be correct.

You have to attach the slave to the bell-housing and tighten the hose into 
that first, then tighten the hose nut above the chassis bracket so the hose 
isn't kinked and to hold it still, then tighten the pipe nut.


----- Original Message ----- 
> Changed slave cylinder. Now the hard line pipe wll not thread into the new 
> slave hose connection. I checked all the thread fittings. All are good. 
> Any suggestions on the alinement of the pipe and slave hose? Maybe replace 
> the hard line pipe with NICOPP? 

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