[Mgs] Was: coil; now wiring issues

Max Heim mvheim at sonic.net
Sat Aug 4 15:07:33 MDT 2018

The new turn signal switch from Moss was packaged with a handy color conversion chart to help get the wires hooked up correctly. I suppose the issue is that it was used in Spridgets as well, although I thought BMC used standardized wiring codes in that period. 

Anyway, now that I can compare a known good unit, it is obvious what the problem was. The spring under the outer contact had come loose, and was lodged behind it sideways. So it provided a certain amount of support at one end, but no spring pressure at all. To fix this would probably require complete disassembly of the switch component, which as I noted is pretty brittle.

A new solid state SU pump solved the fuel issue, as well.

I am about to try to start it up. I was charging the battery while having a bit of lunch. Wish me luck.

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> On Aug 2, 2018, at 12:35 AM, PaulHunt73 <paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com> wrote:
> Doh indeed!  Presumably the light-green/brown and light-green/purple wires are connected together at the flasher unit.
> Incidentally, this is a good indication (pun not intended) of the safety hazard (another pun not intended) with these flasher unit - they don't warn you of bulb failure like the originals do.
> Paul.
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> Oh, and I figured out the reason why the flasher continues to click. Doh! I have an electronic flasher because I have LED front and rear lamps installed. Forgot about that. It will click regardless.
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