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David Councill dcouncill at karamursel.org
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I don’t have experience with the Bell system either. But I have tried a number of the other systems and have a fair idea on how various configurations will work. The three systems I have used –


Tourist Trophy stainless steel – I am using this on my 64B. I like the flange system as it makes it easier to install or remove. But since it is only has the rear silencer, it is a fair bit noisier than other exhausts. 


Stock – much quieter but have to be careful with the low hanging front muffler due to the clearance and the tendency of the front muffler being able to catch on low lying objects.


Monza – overall, this has been the one I prefer. It is as quiet or maybe a little quieter than the stock. The rounded front muffler has a lower profile and less likely to get caught on low lying speed bumps and other obstructions.But getting the right fit during installation can be a struggle thus some suppliers have stopped selling it.


So in short, I still prefer going with a two muffler system at minimum. Since I am not familiar with the Bell, I did a search. The price is decent for the whole exhaust (~$300 USD) and looks comparable to the stock exhaust in terms of part dimensions/profile. I also found comments on the Bell system here:




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It stands to reason that the original configuration of the system was responsible for the characteristic sound, so change it at your peril.


Even the factory system was calibrated to create a sporty roar with the top down — with the top up it is going to seem noisier regardless.




Max Heim

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I can't comment on the Bell specifically, but it does seem that 'bomb' centre sections are named that for a reason!  The same goes for Tourist Trophy systems which also seem to be designed for the maximum amount of noise.

I've had a stainless system on my 73 roadster purchased from the MGOC over 20 years ago.  Can't fault the fit or the quality, but I have been very disappointed with the sound.  It has the conventional oval centre box, and the volume is what I would call 'normal', but gone was the unmistakeable throaty sound of the MGB to be replaced by something that could only be described as 'farty'.  That description was given to me by a fitter in an exhaust place when asking about a stainless system for another car, and he said they were all like that.

Quite some years ago I happened to partially crush the centre box over uneven ground, and since then it has developed more of a 'rort', and although while still not as pleasing as the original MS sound, is OK.  If this stainless system ever fails I would be very tempted to go back to MS, even at the expense of having to replace parts of it every few years.  My only doubts would be, do today's MS systems sound the same as the originals?


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The exhaust system is in fine shape, but I was out driving the car with the top up and decided that the exhaust is too loud in the cabin with the top and windows up.


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