[Mgs] MGB exhaust system

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Mon Nov 27 01:31:13 MST 2017

I can't comment on the Bell specifically, but it does seem that 'bomb' 
centre sections are named that for a reason!  The same goes for Tourist 
Trophy systems which also seem to be designed for the maximum amount of 

I've had a stainless system on my 73 roadster purchased from the MGOC over 
20 years ago.  Can't fault the fit or the quality, but I have been very 
disappointed with the sound.  It has the conventional oval centre box, and 
the volume is what I would call 'normal', but gone was the unmistakeable 
throaty sound of the MGB to be replaced by something that could only be 
described as 'farty'.  That description was given to me by a fitter in an 
exhaust place when asking about a stainless system for another car, and he 
said they were all like that.

Quite some years ago I happened to partially crush the centre box over 
uneven ground, and since then it has developed more of a 'rort', and 
although while still not as pleasing as the original MS sound, is OK.  If 
this stainless system ever fails I would be very tempted to go back to MS, 
even at the expense of having to replace parts of it every few years.  My 
only doubts would be, do today's MS systems sound the same as the originals?


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> The exhaust system is in fine shape, but I was out driving the car with 
> the top up and decided that the exhaust is too loud in the cabin with the 
> top and windows up.

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