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Sun Nov 26 14:18:14 MST 2017

Hello all,


I am considering changing the exhaust system on my 1973 MGB.  The current
system I have is stainless steel with a "bomb box" (round tube shape) middle
section muffler/ resonator.  I purchased it years ago and I do not recall
what brand it is.  It is not a Falcon or Peco.  The manufacturer is most
likely no longer in business.   


The exhaust system is in fine shape, but I was out driving the car with the
top up and decided that the exhaust is too loud in the cabin with the top
and windows up.


I found an exhaust system made by Bell in the UK.  It is a stainless- steel
system with an original style oval shaped middle muffler section that is
supposed to be the same design as the original exhaust system.


So here are my questions;


If you have experience with the Bell brand of exhaust can you tell me is the
system well made?


Will the Bell system be quieter in the cabin by changing to the larger oval
center muffler?   Will changing out my center bomb box for the oval style
muffler be much quieter while driving?




John DiFede


1973 MGB  



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