[Mgs] MGB factory V8 propshaft

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Mon Mar 27 02:11:21 MDT 2017

Anyone aware of an oddity with the gearbox flange bolts and nuts?  The people that removed my engine lost the nuts.

The Leyland Parts Catalogue shows the nuts as GHF223, confirmed by those suppliers that specifically list the V8 propshaft as well as the 4-cylinder which are different.  This is a 3/8" UNF Nyloc - but they don't fit any of the bolts on my gearbox, which look like the correct 'specials' (22B483) that lock against the flange when undoing and tightening.  They go on about 1/4 turn, then jam, as if the nut is slightly too small for the bolt, or the threads are significantly different.

These nuts go on the clutch and brake pedal fulcrum bolt which is shown as being the same size and thread, and the nut from that jams on the gearbox bolts in the same way as the others.

I suppose all four bolts could have been damaged, but it seems unlikely that they would all be exactly the same.  I replaced the propshaft a number of years ago - refitting with the same nuts of course, and I'm pretty sure there was no issue in either removing or replacing them.  I'll be checking the bolts with a thread gauge this week (the gearbox is remote from me) to see what that reveals.  I'm reluctant to buy a set of bolts at £20 - or even one at £8 delivered - only to find that the nuts don't fit those either.

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