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Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 06:57:50 MDT 2017

Morning Simon, et al.,

Use extreme care. On some carbs, the pin should exit only one direction.
Examine it closely. You didn't state whether your carb is an SU or a Z-S
(or Weber DGV) so I'm not going to guess. Generic thoughts follow.

Independent of which carb, I use a pair of needle nose pliars and a couple
of drops of peneteating oil. Place one pliars tip on the hinge pin, the
other just behind the offending post pivot, and squeeze gently. Don't try
to remove it on the first try (unless it comes free). Now move to the other
pivot and try a gentle squeeze there. Any movement at all? Its bad news if
one of those hinge points breaks, and they are a bit fragile.

Is one of the two 'posts' split? If so, that is the side that is supposed
to grip the pin. (Check me on this please.) Its also the more fragile post.
As I recall only - because I haven't had a pin stuck badly - that is the
side upon which one might start with the pliars. Do not try to release it's
grip by inserting a tool into the gap split. Its just cast aluminum and
will easily break.

Good luck. This advice is only worth what you paid. But I do emphasize
care. These bits break easily and ruin the part if broken.

-rick, with a pile of carbed cars

PS: If a post does break, check e-bay for a used replacement float bowl
cover (if SU). I recently bought a pair of Z-S carbs on e-bay, to supply
parts to replace one cracked carb casting on a GT6. $100 later, an
otherwise big bucks problem was solved.

On Jun 28, 2017 10:15 PM, "Simon Matthews via Mgs" <mgs at autox.team.net>

I am trying to figure out how to replace a float in the carb on a '71 MGB.

I can't get the hinge pin to come out. I have pulled on it, pushed on
it, but it won't move.

Any ideas?

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