[Mgs] Chain hoist or shop crane for lifting an engine/trans?

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Sat Jun 24 01:43:51 MDT 2017

Agreed ... for removing engine only at any rate.  The front needs to be raised to get at stuff underneath, which precludes moving the car out from under the engine unless you put the car back on its wheels.  An engine crane can be wheeled away from the car.  For engine and gearbox the rear needs to be raised, with the same limitation.

Engine only (at least) can be done with the bonnet on, but the strut disconnected - if you have the headroom.  The lift would need to be above that, or you will have to remove the bonnet.

Having done it both ways unless I needed to work on the gearbox I'd always take the engine out on its own, but I know others differ.  Much easier to mate the two back together while the gearbox is jacked up against the tunnel and held securely.  Also avoids having to deal with the rear crossmember.  My V8 engine should be going back in on Monday, they have to be removed together as you can't get at the bell-housing bolts in-situ.

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  If you go with the cherry picker, you can maneuver the engine around your garage to work on it out of the car.

  That would be harder with it hanging from the beam.

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    I’m going to replace my clutch and cam, so I’m trying to figure out how to lift the engine and transmission out of the car.
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