[Mgs] [MG-MGB] Clutch problems with thermal component

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Sat Nov 12 12:19:04 MST 2016

Finally I have started the disassembly and inspection of the clutch
hydraulic system. I decided not to drive the car the last two days because
the clutch issue seemed to be getting worse or at least the recovery was
becoming slower. At first, after a highway drive, 80% of the clutch
resistance would be lost but would completely recover after 1-2 pressings of
the pedal. But lately, it was taking even more.


I started by draining the fluid and then removing the slave cylinder. There
was some liquid within the dust boot to already indicate possible problems
but it was the disassembly that revealed the answer. And Barney was spot on.
Inside this fairly new slave cylinder (bought new from a vendor 5-6 years
ago) with shiny inner bore and rubber seal, there was no spring! And yet no
issues over the years until I replaced the master cylinder a few weeks ago.
Fortunately, I had an old slave cylinder handy - just had to free the piston
that was stuck to the bore due to corrosion to harvest its spring. I'll
start the reassembly this afternoon and maybe get in a test drive before the
rain arrives.


David Councill

64 B

67 BGT

72 B


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Clutch pedal goes to floor on first stroke after a long rest, but works
correctly otherwise.  This implies that the clutch slave cylinder piston has
retractred too far, requiring one pedal push to reset it to correst

The clutch slve cylinder should have a light force compression spring
inside.  See here: http://mgaguru.com/mgtech/hydraulics/ht107.htm

If that spring is missing the slave cyinder may still work, but the piston
might retract farther than intended during a period of dormancy (long drive
without using the clutch).  You might want to open the slave cuinder to
check on what's inside.


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