[Mgs] question on mga carb tuning

Clayton Kirkwood crk at godblessthe.us
Sun Nov 13 10:23:49 MST 2016

I am in the process of trying to reset my 1622 carbs. The manual speaks of
backing the idle screw all the way and then adding a rotation back in for
fast idle. I couldn't get anywhere until I turned it in about four turns. Is
there a problem? Also, pushing the lifter didn't do anything, but lifting
the piston caused the engine to die. Problem?


Moved to the front carb. My piston lifter popped out and now I have
significant sucking going on there. I presume that this will keep me from
properly tuning the front? I was unable to get the car running unless I
turned the idle screw up pretty far again. Very rough start. Yes, I backed
out the rear idle all the way and lifted the piston as noted and had all
interconnects disconnected.


Is there a simple way to lock down the cable to the throttle; it seems
tenuous at best?


I presume my float bowls need to be mostly full so as to have enough fuel
for hard acceleration? Mine have the top of the bloat about an inch down.


I could never get the jet nut to make any difference either.





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