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Really you need the later version of the Leyland Workshop Manual or Bentley, although I would have expected the Bentley to cover your 71 if it goes up to 74.  The electrical system is probably the thing that varies the most from year to year, and you can get those online from http://www.advanceautowire.com/mgb.pdf.  The only place I have seen any information about the quick-release shoulder belts that attach to the tonneau panel is in the appropriate drivers handbook, but that is minimal, only covering fastening and unfastening.  

To replace the seals you need to remove the glass.  Remove the bolts securing the regulator to the inner door panel, then you can manoeuvre the rollers out of the channel at the bottom of the glass, and lift the glass out.  The regulator is removed by folding it up then it can come out of the large aperture.  Easily said, quite easily done.  But remember how you did it, when I went to refit mine some months later it took me ages to work out how to reverse the process!  There are loads on eBay, in the UK at least.

I think it's true to say that the body and fittings are probably the least well covered, it's a case of looking and feeling around, cogitating, and trial and error.  When I got my first MGB 26 years ago and stripped it there was very little if any internet support, just the manuals.

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  Before my technical questions, let me ask about manuals...
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