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Springs - re-arching may not be enough.  The free curve is only one aspect, the temper or resilience in pounds per inch is the other and probably more important.  If they have lost their temper they will sag again quickly.  I take it you are in the USA, people have been complaining for years there that new springs are so over-arched or too stiff that even a fully-equipped car the rear is jacked up so high they couldn't get the rebound straps fitted without significant extra weight at the rear.  The springs on a fully fitted-out car should be almost flat, with the rear shackles angled backwards as they point downwards.

People seem to recommend Peter Caldwell for damper rebuilds.

Rebound straps - there have been problems with these, replacements not having the cord reinforcing of the originals and being little better than elastic bands, or simply snapping as soon as they are asked to take the weight of the axle.  I did hear Moss were obtaining reinforced ones and had a test rig to check them.  Alternatively Strapping Lad does them in webbing.

One source of rebuilt rear axles in the UK quotes £430/$660 so your $550 would seem good value.

Handbrake cables are different lengths for stud and centre-lock axles, but sometimes the labelling has got mixed up.

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  Started back on the restoration (mostly) of my '71 MGB, and am working my way from back to front.

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