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Ron King ronking at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 26 09:03:04 MST 2015

Started back on the restoration (mostly) of my '71 MGB, and am working my
way from back to front.


The rear suspension needs to be rebuilt: springs, shocks, brakes and lines,
rear end, and some misc.   Understand the following are the recommended ways
to go:

*         Springs - send to John Twist to have them re-arced

*         Shocks - Isn't it Apple Hydraulics?

*         Brakes and lines - believe someone once recommended a place to
have the drums turned and shoes arced, but can't remember who it was.
Anybody?  Once pre-work done, I'll complete the job myself.

*         Rear end - "On the Road Again" is estimating ~$550 to replace all
the bearings, gaskets, seal, thrust washers, and re-setup the pinion/ring
gear: $~300 for labor and ~$250 for parts.  Looking at the Moss catalog
indicates the parts pricing is not that far off.  I'll be removing the
entire rear axle assembly and taking the unit to them.  This will be my
first experience with that shop, so any comments from others who've also
used them would be appreciated.

*         Misc - re-bound straps, poly bushings, emergency brake cables and
linkage, etc.   Will do the work myself


Any recommendations, comments, suggestions, etc. would be greatly
appreciated.   Yeah, I know, take lots and lots of pictures!


Thanks in advance

Ron King

'71 MGB

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