[Mgs] MGA Guru Is Going Mobile

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Sat May 17 23:38:47 MDT 2014

10 days since last message.  After 2 nights in Burlington, WI 
(wonderful weather), we headed back to Illinois to visit older 
brother #1 for one night, then on to Hanna Indiana, to visit older 
brother #2.  Stayed 4 nights through the weekend, more relatives 
dropping in for Mother's Day.  On Monday 5/12 back to Chicago area to 
pack up the MG Tech encyclopedia set for shipping, ultimately 
destined for Germany.  Tuesday ship the books, then visit daughter at 
her new temporary digs in Lisle, IL.

Wednesday and Thursday 5/14-5/15 travel east (rain, rain, rain) to 
Arlington, Virginia area, but missed a visit with an MG friend (not 
available at last minute).  Lightning storm would not allow us to 
camp Thursday night (last minute issue) but took the opportunity to 
visit a laundromat.  Impossibe to drive in torential rain, ended up 
sleeping in the car, discovering it leaks badly where rag top meets 
windscreen at top of side curtains.  Also some leak under the dash 
that might be from the wper spindes (maybe).

Early Friday found us at McDonalds taking advantage of their Wyfi 
link for internet access (getting to be a habit) while we tried to 
dry out some.  Then take care of some personal business, miss a visit 
with another MG friend (also not available at last minute), but have 
a pleasant and (finally) dry night camping in a county park campground.

Saturday 5/17 more liesure less travel, culminating in a nice visit 
and stay over with MGA enthusiast Geoff Howard in Ashburn, VA.  Took 
advantage of the opportunity to do an oil change for my 
MGA.  Starting Sunday 5/18 will likely begin a casual drive down 
Skyline Drive and Blueridge Parkway.  If no other plans we may be as 
far south as Georgia soon.  Anyone have any suggesitons?

Barney Gaylord

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