[Mgs] MGB Brake Pressure Switch & Body

Norm twobees at sprynet.com
Mon May 19 14:11:23 MDT 2014

I always kept this original brass brake line splitter around as a spare.  It
includes the pressure switch, although I can't tell if that is still good.
Now that my MGB's are long gone, I no longer need it.  Just found it among
the "stuff" in my garage along with an unused transmission oil cooler &
front (used OE) & rear (new Porterfield) brake pads that were for my 2011
BMW X5d.  Probably more stuff around out there, some even for MGB's.  In a
couple of weeks I'll have time to dig around some more, and will post here
if any more MGB parts.
Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in buying this Body at a fair price,
please let me know ASAP by email.  I'll be putting them on eBay in a few
days if not gone.  This originally sold at Moss for $479.95.  They now sell
an aluminum one (p.n. 586-535) for $439.95.
My '66 MGB is 1 of 2 cars I wish I still had.

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